Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pet Anxiety and Stress Management Supplements

Calming an anxious dog or cat isn't always easy. Anxiety and stress levels
can quickly rise if your pet is traveling or present during thunderstorms
and fireworks displays. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer or another
illness, hemp-derived products can help alleviate pain and promote
overall relaxation. Properly soothing your pet can greatly help you
and, more importantly, help your pet feel better.

Unsure whether your cat or dog is feeling particularly stressed or anxious?
Pet stress or anxiety can manifest in different ways. Some common
indicators include excessive whining, moaning and barking. Stress
and anxiety can heighten aggression or decrease activity. If you notice
a sudden behavioural change that affects eating habits or bodily functions,
these may also be side effects. We always recommend taking your pet for
a professional diagnosis! However, we'll be breaking down the types of
pet anxiety relief supplements below so you can decide which calming aid
is the one right for your furry pal.  


One of the easiest types of pet calming aids to administer are chews.
Chews are often formulated with ingredients meant to target pain
and inflammation. What's particularly fantastic about chews is that
they also provide support for mobility and joint function and even help
alleviate stiffness across the body. They're also in yummy flavors that
your dog or cat will enjoy! If you're looking to add a daily vitamin to your
pet's diet, calming chews are definitely the way to go.

On our site, you'll find hemp chews made with broad-spectrum CBD,
glucosamine and sodium hyaluronate, like the ElleVet Hemp Mobility
made with whole hemp-plant essential oil in each chew.


There's a lot of confusion about hemp oil for pets. While each brand is
different, most CBD oil is made from full-spectrum certified organic hemp.
Often, the entire hemp plant, including the seeds and stalk, is utilized in
order to retain all the benefits of CBD. While there is still plenty of research
to go, hemp for pets can be used as a pain and anxiety management
supplement aimed at reducing arthritis, inflammation and GI tract issues
and can even treat some side effects of epilepsy.

It's best to administer CBD oil underneath your dog or cat’s tongue and
on an empty stomach. It's best not to combine with mealtimes, and
after administering the
recommended dosage, you should wait 30 to 40 minutes
before serving your pet its meal. We recommend Pet Releaf, HempRx

If you’re having trouble administering with the dropper, capsules may ease


As you may have guessed, topicals work when applied topically to the
skin.These types of relaxation pet aids work in very much the same way
that oils do; however, topicals often have a more concentrated form of
CBD oil in the formula. While CBD is the active ingredient, topicals are
typically more soothing since they are slathered on different parts of the
body. Pet Releaf Canna Care topical, for instance, is also formulated with
soothing ucuuba butter, grapeseed oil, eucalyptus oil and more. CBD
topicals for cats and dogs are used to treat dry skin, inflammation and
insect bites and to relieve pain associated with arthritis.


The most enjoyable type of pain or calming supplement for your pet will
definitely be delicious treats! Made with tasty ingredients like blueberries,

cranberries, peanut butter and bananas, these dog and cat treats may
actually contain beneficial neurologic and anti aging properties. Because
they’re made with CBD, they’ll still have all the relaxation benefits of oils,
topicals and chews, but in a much more fun method of delivery for your
pet. This is also a more affordable introduction to CBD for your dog or
cat. We recommend trying the Pet Releaf Edibites in peanut butter banana

It is definitely possible to help your pet relax a little more with the right
supplements! Start out with treats and chews if you’re looking to add a
multivitamin-type supplement on a daily basis. Alternatively, if your pet
is fighting a painful disease like cancer or arthritis, investing in higher-dosage

topicals or oils may provide better pain management. Have a question?
Please feel free to drop it below. Our pet experts are here to help pair your
pet with the right product!