Friday, April 25, 2014

Seven Tips to Control Pet Shedding

Both dogs and cats can shed a large amount of hair. It depends on the breed, but almost all dogs and cats shed to some degree. If you have pets, you know how the hair can get everywhere and become almost impossible to clean up. If pet hair seems to be taking over your house, there are some tips and products you can use to reduce shedding significantly.
  1. Regular Brushing - Brush your pet every other day, or even daily if they have heavy and thick coats. Dogs with two coats, an undercoat and a top coat, tend to need the most brushing. This is the best thing you can do to minimize shedding because brushing removes loose hair before it can fall on your floor. It also distributes oil from the skin over the hair, leaving it suppler and less likely to shed.
  2. Give Your Pet Fatty Acid Supplements - The Optima 365 for dogs or cats is a fatty acid supplement that also contains vitamins and minerals. Fatty acids improve the pet's skin and coat, effectively reducing shedding. Optima 365 contains antioxidants and 33 percent fewer calories than other brands, which is why it is preferred among pet owners. 
  3. Feed High Quality Food - Your pet's hair is a direct reflection of the quality of their diet. Feed your dog or cat a diet that contains high amounts of digestible protein. Not enough protein or nutrients cause your pet's hair to be brittle and weak, which leads to more shedding. You can also give moist, healthy foods as treats, such as melons, peas and carrots.
  4. Brush with a Shedding Tool - Shedding tools such as the FURminator deshedding tool target the animal's undercoat, which is the source of shedding issues. The undercoat contains loose and dead hair that is difficult to remove with regular brushing or baths. The FURminator removes these hairs easily without tugging or damaging the topcoat.
  5. Bathe Your Pet Regularly with Anti-Shedding Shampoo - Regular baths keep your pet's skin and hair healthy, which prevents hair from falling out. Bathing regularly also removes loose hair before it has a chance to fall on your carpet. To further reduce shedding, you can use a pet shampoo specifically engineered to combat shedding. In addition to their shedding tool, FURminator makes such a shampoo that contains fatty acids, proteins and minerals to help reduce shedding.
  6. Use a Topical Skin Care Formula - A new way to deliver needed nutrients, topical skin care applications provide hydration, protein and essential oils directly to your pet's skin. Products like Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On Skin Care are easy to apply while promoting healthy skin, reducing dandruff and deodorizing.
  7. Take Your Pet for Regular Vet Checkups - Some dogs or cats have allergies that can often manifest as skin conditions. Visit the vet regularly to check for these and other skin issues. Unhealthy or dry skin results in more shedding. Your vet might offer prescription medication to help with the skin conditions.
Some amount of shedding is inevitable for any type of dog or cat with hair. Indoor pets tend to shed year-round, as opposed to strictly seasonal. Cleaning hair that is shed daily prevents buildup. It is much easier to clean small amounts regularly than waiting a month or more before removing hair. Use a lint roller or a simple wet paper towel to remove pet hair from carpets and furniture. Keep up on your vacuuming to prevent pet hair from working down into carpets and becoming difficult to remove. With these preventative tips, you can control the amount of shedding and prevent the tedious cleanup. Combine several of them and the pet hair in your home will be noticeably more manageable.

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