Monday, August 11, 2014

Product Review: Revolution (Selamectin) Flea & Heartworm Prevention

revolution flea & heartworm prevention review

Pfizer's Revolution is an easy-to-use monthly topical treatment for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It treats and prevents worms, fleas, ticks and other parasites. One packet of Revolution includes three one-month anti-parasitic treatments. Revolution is available in higher concentrations for dogs and cats over five pounds and in milder concentrations for puppies and kittens up to five pounds. This medication can also be purchased in cartons containing six single-dose applications. The proven effectiveness of the treatement makes Revolution one of the veterinary industry’s most trusted topical flea and heartworm treatments. Vets who are interested in prescribing the product may be interested in the following information:

Monthly Protection For Cats And Kittens

One topical dose of Revolution protects cats and kittens for up to 30 days from the following parasites:

Fleas Ticks Ear mites Heartworms Roundworms Hookworms
Revolution is a highly-effective feline heartworm preventative and flea-control product that can be used to treat all cat breeds. One monthly dose treats and prevents flea infestations, killing adult fleas and keeping flea eggs from hatching. This product also prevents other common infestations.

Monthly Protection For Dogs And Puppies

Similar to Revolution for Cats and Kittens, the monthly dose of Revolution for dogs and puppies kills and prevents the following:

Fleas Ticks Ear mites Heartworms Sarcoptic mange

It’s important to note that if a dog has an existing case of heartworm, Revolution will not be able to help control the symptoms. That’s why proactive, monthly prevention against heartworm is key.

Product Information

Revolution’s active ingredient is Selamectin, a topical parasiticide highly effective in the treatment, control and prevention of parasites. For maximum parasite control and prevention, Revolution should be used every 30 days for the life of the pet.

Revolution is applied to your pet by parting the fur and squeezing the liquid contents of the tube directly onto the skin, where it is absorbed. Application takes about 15 seconds and most pets tolerate the treatment very well. The recommended dosage is 2.7 mg. of selamectin per pound of body weight. It is imperative not to exceed the dosage or frequency of application; in larger doses, this powerful drug can be toxic to pets.
Prior to product use, vets should show pet owners how to apply the medication correctly. Revolution should be applied directly to the skin on the back of the neck, at the base of the neck, just in front of the shoulder blades. Be sure to part the fur enough to expose the skin; this product should not be applied to the fur.

With the tip of the tube directly on the skin, squeeze the tube three or four times so that all of the liquid goes directly onto the skin in one spot. Do not rub the liquid into the skin, and do not apply to broken skin or if your pet has wet fur. Leave the application site alone for two hours after treatment. You may observe a bit of matted fur at the application site, but this is normal and disappears within a few hours.

Help keep pets comfortable and healthy with the proper prescriptoin and dosage of pest control products. Don’t be afraid to ask Medi-Vet if you have any further questions about this powerful preventative topical!

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