Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Christmas Gifts for Your Dogs & Cats

The holiday season is just around the corner! Chances are that you have thought about buying gifts for pets and are window shopping online, looking for this year’s top gifts for pets. Make your gift extra special and brighten up your four-legged friend’s day with these unique presents that are meant just for them. Here at Medi-Vet, we have come up with some holiday gift ideas for pets that will truly show them how much they are loved. A word of advice, though: don't put your pet's presents under the tree before Christmas since they have a way of "nosing out" what's under the wrapping paper!

1. Kong Snugga Wubba Dog Toy: 

Dogs love to play tug-of-war and fetch but you don't like holding onto a slimy tennis ball or rope. The Kong Snuggaa Wubba is the perfect solution. Its bright colors and tail make it great fun for dogs to chase and shake. This dog toy by Kong comes in four different sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) so, no matter what type of dog you have, there is a Kong Wubba perfect for him or her.

kong snugga wubba dog toy

2. Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone: 

All dogs love to chew on bones but the mess and choking risk from real animal bones may make you reluctant to give them to your pet. The Busy Buddy Bouncy Dog Bone is what you have been looking for. It is a durable nylon and rubber bone that is attached to a rubber ball for endless chewing pleasure. Even better, you can add treats to the toy for a tasty surprise! The Busy Buddy Bouncer Bone comes in four different sizes from small (for puppies and miniature dogs) to large (shepherds, retrievers and other dogs over 60 pounds).

busy buddy bouncy dog bone

3. Kong Extreme Dog Toy: 

Kong chew toys are famous for their fun and durability. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is made of puncture-resistant rubber that will help clean your dog's teeth and massage its gums. As an added feature, the Kong Extreme Dog Toy is hollow, allowing you to stuff it with treat pastes (or even peanut butter!) for your dog's chewing pleasure. It come in a variety of sizes, so there is one for your furry friend, no matter what their breed. Whether you have a three pound Chihuahua, or a 200-pound Great Dane, there is a Kong Extreme Dog Toy perfect for them.

kong extreme dog toy

4. Feline Greenies Smartbites Treats: 

What cat doesn't like treats? Feline Greenies are treats that are essentially health supplements for your cat. Not only are they delicious, but they provide important nutrients like fish oils and natural fibers. Because Feline Greenies Smartbites for Cats are so good, they recommend that you provide up to 40 treats a day (depending on weight). It is available in 3 different flavors such as salmon, chicken, tuna and can help with hairball control, digestion and healthy skin and fur.

smartbites greenies treats for cats

5. Kong Wubba Cat Mouse Toy: 

Cats are natural hunters. Indulge their desire to stalk and hunt with the Kong Wubba Cat Mouse Toy. This toy is designed to resemble a mouse and is infused with catnip to intrigue your kitty. The tail makes a distinctive crackling noise when touched for added fun.

kong wubba cat mouse toy

Hopefully this article has been helpful in giving you some great ideas for picking the best Christmas gifts for pets. Don't forget to include them in your holiday shopping this season!

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