Tuesday, January 21, 2014

4 Best Products for Dog Weight Loss

Finding a healthy weight-loss solution for an overweight dog can be challenging, especially with so many products on the market. You want your dog to get the best possible nutrition so that he or she can be active and enjoy life while maintaining a healthy weight. Combining a few different weight-loss products with an increase in exercise is probably the best approach to giving your dog strength, energy, and a happy life.

Best Products for Dog Weight Loss

Purina Veterinary Diet Food

Providing your dog with an appetizing, nutritious food that will support weight-loss is crucial. Purina Veterinary Diets OM Overweight Management Canine Formula makes an excellent dog food for weight loss and weight management. This formula is designed with a balance of nutrients, low fat, high protein:calorie ratio and isoflavones to allow your dog to lose weight while maintaining excellent overall health. It is available both as dry or wet food.

Vetri-Lean Weight Loss Chewable Tablets

A helpful product for dog weight-loss is a supplement called Vetri-Lean Chewable tablets for Dogs. This supplement, made by Vetri-Science Laboratories, is designed to prevent starch absorption. It is a safe, healthy, chewable tablet that reduces your dog's absorption of calories from carbohydrates so he or she can lose the extra weight. The supplement even has a tasty, dog-friendly chicken flavor.

Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats

Another great product is Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats for Dog that allows your to reward your dog for their good behavior without having to worry about straying away from your dog’ diet plan. Check out our detailed review on this product here.

BUSTER DogMaze Food Bowl

The BUSTER DogMaze is a innovative food dish that challenges your dog to eat more slowly. Dogs that eat slowly have a healthier digestive process, allowing them to absorb nutrients properly and get the most out of their food without overeating. Combining functionality and design, this food dish is a unique maze that makes mealtimes fun and healthy for your dog.

Exercise & Play Fun Games

Finally, helping your dog to get more exercise is the best beneficial weight-loss tool. All dogs need exercise, some breeds need more than others. This is more important if your dog is overweight. You dogs can have happier and healthier with regular walks. Other great physical activities to try with your dog include hiking, swimming, playing fetch with a ball or other fun dog toy, or even just running around in the yard or park. If you get excited about doing something physical, your dog will too. Helping your dog lose weight can be a fun way to bond, and you'll feel good knowing that you're giving your dog a happy, healthy life. Visit our website Medi-Vet to check more excellent products for getting your dog healthy and fit.


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