Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Five Pet Rescue Clinics We Admire – Part I

Medi-Vet is proud to help promote the health and happiness of pets everywhere, but we like to spread the love and recognition for all the rescue clinics and pet advocate agencies around the globe that are doing their part to keep pets healthy and in good homes. As the first part of a series of blogs, here are five pet rescue clinics we admire.

1.    Petfinder Petfinder has become an incredibly detailed, organized national archive for various adoption groups around the country. With an expansive archive of pets available for adoption from agencies big and small as well as great knowledge base articles, Petfinder is the perfect go-to resource for all things pet adoption.

2.    Austin Pets Alive!APA! has become one of the leading no-kill shelters in all of the United States thanks to their analytical approach of basing their operations off the successes and failures of programs in other cities. Pulling animals directly off the euthanasia list, APA! gives animals the second chance they deserve, and boasts an incredible adoption rate thanks to plenty of adoption drives, promotional events specialized recovery programs.

3.    PetSmart Charities – The folks over at PetSmart Charities have found a simple and effective way to leverage their existing stores as a means of pet adoption hubs for local, partnering shelters and clinics. Regular on-site adoption days where dogs and cats from local shelters can get more exposure to potential adopters are just one of the many ways PetSmart is using their reputation to find loving homes for animals. They also have plenty of online resources for interested parties that need more information on shelters and clinics in their area. They even take in animals from time to time when local shelters are overcrowded.

4.    Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue FoundationARF was started back in 1990 with then manager of the Oakland A’s, Tony La Russa, spotted a stray cat that wandered onto the baseball field. The Hall of Fame manager personally secured the cat and found a loving home for it. Today, ARF is a nationally recognized no-kill organization that has expanded its outreach and animal health programs dramatically since its 1991 founding.

5.    Animal Rescue League of BostonARLBoston covers not only the programs and services you would expect from a pet advocacy group, they also focus on the lifelong health and happiness of the animals they take in. Training classes and pet owner education initiatives make sure pets are being placed in loving homes with well-educated and considerate owners. ARLBoston even helps to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals!

Every pet rescue group and clinic is doing a world of good for pets. While these are but five groups, they’ve certainly made an impact on agencies around them and in their field. What are some agencies or clinics that you admire? Let us know in the comments!

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