Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rescue Clinics We Admire – Part 2

best pet rescue clinics

As we researched the nation’s many rescue clinics for part one of our blog post titled “Five Pet Rescue Clinics We Admire,” we decided that it wasn’t enough to highlight just five, so here are five more organizations that take rescue pet care to the next level.
  1. Best Friends Animal Society - In the 1980s, the Best Friends Animal Society started taking sicker and older animals to a safe facility where they could heal and regain their strength. Since then, the organization has been able to save thousands of animals through its original and inventive programs. The Best Friends Animal Society also supports shelters and other rescue groups around the nation. During 2011, the association began working to make more of the country’s cities “no-kill” areas. To date, the organization has been able to make shelters in Los Angeles “no-kill” as well as cities across Utah.

  2. Hearts United for Animals - Hearts United for Animals is an organization that intends to eliminate suffering for the nation’s animals. It is a no-kill sanctuary, and the group saves dogs from around the country if other shelters need more space. They pride themselves on warm, compassionate rescue dog care. Today, Hearts United specializes in arranging long distance adoptions.

  3. Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge Incorporated - The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge shelter is a safe haven for cats and dogs. To extend its goal of helping animals, the association provides animal-related training courses to local schools and clubs. Also, the shelter’s staff members go the extra mile and guide adoptees through the process of taking home their new furry friend.

  4. Pets Incorporated - Pets Incorporated is the most productive animal rescue organization in Midland, SC. The state’s Angel Charities Group has even recognized the association for its efforts. Pets Incorporated provides a home for about 200 homeless animals on a consistent basis, and each year, the organization finds permanent homes for approximately 3,000 animals.

  5. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation - In 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation was formed to turn rescued dogs into rescue dogs. The group’s staff members find and recruit rescued dogs and train them to help firefighters as well as other first responders such as those who look for survivors in wreckage areas. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation does not charge fire departments for its training services, and the organization guarantees that every dog it accepts into the program will have a home for life. 

  6. Pet rescue clinics provide a service that we can all appreciate. We dog lovers and cat lovers at Medi-Vet will always do our best to highlight and support these great organizations!

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