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vetprofen (carprofen) tablets

Are you a veterinarian who’s thinking about Vetprofen/Carprofen for dogs? Here’s what you should know:
Vetprofen is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain and swelling in dogs following surgeries and geriatric osteoarthritis complications. Like many NSAIDs, it falls under the same propionic acid class as ibuprofen and ketoprofen.

Is Vetprofen Safe?

Vetprofen lacks the narcotic properties observed with the administration of some other painkillers. According to clinical lab studies performed with canines that had not received anesthesia, the drug is typically well-tolerated following the consumption of a standard oral dosage. Daily dosages are generally around 4.4 mg/kg of body weight.

The U.S. FDA has approved carprofen prescriptions for dogs, but felines should not be given this drug. According to some studies, the analgesic and antipyretic activity of carprofen has been observed to be roughly on par with that of indomethacin.

Can Any Dog Take Vetprofen?

Some canines exhibit adverse reactions to carprofen, like hypersensitivity. Dogs that have already demonstrated such symptoms in the past should not be given this drug. The majority of adverse reactions are classified as gastrointestinal disturbances; although renal, dermatologic, neurologic, hematologic and hepatic effects are reported, these are less common.

Dogs that have prior histories of bleeding disorders, like Von Willebrand's disease, should not be given carprofen. Canines should also be older than six weeks old, non-pregnant, non-lactating and non-breeding, as these classes haven't been confirmed to metabolize the drug safely.

As with all NSAIDs, it's important that practitioners attempt to avoid simultaneously administering corticosteroids and other NSAIDs unless the canine can be observed diligently. Most adverse reactions can be reversed by ceasing vetprofen treatment during the early stages.

Why Should a Vet Prescribe Vetprofen?

Carprofen's effective use as an anti-inflammatory treatment for osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia is well-established. Due to the fact that it has specifically been studied and approved for use in canines, toxicity dangers typical of NSAIDs formulated for humans may be less likely.

Vetprofen is currently only approved for use in canines, although it was formerly administered in humans for about a decade. It has been tested in dosages specifically formulated for canines, and potential adverse reactions are well-studied.

How Should Vets Advise Dog Owners about Vetprofen?

Veterinarians may wish to discuss side effects and reactions to watch out for. Observing such symptoms may prove critical in an owner's ability to call attention to a problem in a sufficiently timely fashion to prevent fatalities or serious health complications. Potential symptoms include the following:

  • Abnormal water retention, including increased thirst or increased urination
  • Gastrointestinal issues, such as diminished appetite, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Low energy, fatigue or general lethargy

Some dogs exhibit more serious symptoms, including seizures, compromised coordination, bloody vomit, jaundice or black, sticky stools. Skin irritation and serious behavioral changes, such as aggression, are also possible. Therapy should be stopped at the first sign of any abnormal symptoms, as long-term administration may increase the risk of adverse reactions. Periodic followups are advisable with any NSAID therapy.
If you have any other questions about this powerful anti-inflammatory option, contact us today.

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