Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Product Review: DMSO Liquid for Horses

DMSO liquid for horses

If your horse is suffering from neurological trauma, an allergic reaction to vaccines or swelling, DMSO liquid can help alleviate some of the pain. DMSO creates a large amount of heat where it is applied. If you’ve been considering DMSO liquid for your horse(s) or wondering how to use DMSO on horses, we’ve got some helpful information for you. DMSO has many benefits and can be helpful in getting your horse back to 100%.

How to Use DMSO Liquid

We recommend always using gloves when handling DMSO liquid or gel, as the smell is very potent, it quickly absorbs in to skin, and can have some negative side effects. If DMSO comes in contact with your skin or clothing, be prepared to smell like rotten garlic for several days. To apply DMSO liquid to your horse, begin by adding it to a separate container to prevent contamination of the original bottle. Once the skin has been cleaned, DMSO can then be applied to the skin with a brush or cotton ball.

DMSO’s ability to penetrate skin makes it a great transport medium for other medications that need to be absorbed. It’s important to make sure that the skin is clean and free of any substances or medication that may become harmful if combined with DMSO.

DMSO liquid or gel can also be used for sweat bandages. Doing so can help with inflammation or swelling, if your horse has been stall-bound or experienced a strain or sprain.

Our DMSO liquid gallon size is 99% pure, Pyrogen Free, and Acetone free. It’s our most popular DMSO product, as it allows you to apply several applications to your horse without the worry of running out of product prior to them being fully recovered.

We recommend consulting with your vet about DMSO use prior to treating your horse.
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