Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Overview of Medication Syringes, with a Focus on Monoject

Veterinarians require a vast array of medication syringes to use with hypodermic needles and catheters for feeding tubes. Both varieties are designed for single use and come individually packaged and completely sterile to maintain maximum health and necessary safety in the veterinary clinic. Monoject syringe varieties are available for any application and come in multiple volumes, from 1 to 60cc. Both regular Luer, on which the needle can slip off easily for disposal, and Luer lock, with affixed needles that will not detach when administering heavy medications, are available.

The larger syringes usually have catheter tips that are designed to be used with feeding tubes when medication needs to be administered directly by mouth. These have accurate volume markings on the barrels and come in sterile packaging. Veterinarians also use them frequently for giving thick liquid food to animal patients. All syringes are latex-free to prevent allergic reactions and have tight-fit plunger rods. Needles, which are also offered separately, maintain the highest level of sharpness to make injections less painful for the cats and dogs.

The more common use of these products in the veterinary clinic is for treating pets with diabetic conditions. Monoject offers pre-filled pet insulin syringes in both 1/2 milliliter and 1 milliliter volumes, so veterinarians can quickly choose the correct dosage for the pet's specific blood sugar needs. Their easy-to-open sterile packaging makes them convenient in the hospital.

Diabetic syringes for dogs and cats should be clearly marked with the volume calibration for precise administration of insulin based on blood chemistry needs. The syringes offered here are manufactured with Accu-Scale precision technology, so there is never a mistake or waste of medication. The volume of insulin is easily viewed through the clear barrel. This same quick view calibration is offered on syringe barrels for other uses besides diabetes as well.

One of the most frequently used tools in a veterinary hospital or clinic is the syringe. Whether an ailing cat needs to be fed by mouth or a diabetic dog needs insulin injections, Monject and other brands fulfill the needs with syringes and needles that are top-quality and easy to use.

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