Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Product Spotlight: The BUSTER DogMaze Food Dish

Do you have a rambunctious pup who eats too fast or a curious dog who could use some extra mental stimulation? Then our product spotlight this month will be right up your alley. We’re proud to feature the BUSTER DogMaze food dish, an innovative dog dish that will help keep your dog healthy by regulating what they eat while staving off boredom.

This unique dog food dish is designed so that dog food can be poured into a maze-like series of troughs, which means your dog eats by pushing his food toward one of the exits. Similar to puzzle toys like the Kong and other mentally stimulating toys and games for dog, the DogMaze was carefully crafted to gently challenge your pooch while keeping him happy and satisfied by ultimately allowing him a reward; in this case, food.

Because of the extra work involved in eating the dog food, this dish makes an especially wonderful staple for dogs who always seem to eat too fast. The process of “achieving” the food will naturally slow them down without frustrating them. Eating too quickly can lead to indigestion, poor hunger regulation, and a series of other problems; just like with people, the key to regulating dog weight naturally and prevent digestive issues is to encourage slow, mindful eating! Once your dog is done with his meal, he’s much more likely to be happily tired and satiated than he would be after putting away his entire dish of food in 30 seconds.

Because of the smaller portions the DogMaze encourages, we’d recommend switching, if you haven’t already, to a high-quality dog food that offers less filler and more nutrients per ounce. Look for food that doesn’t list “corn” or “wheat” as one of its first ingredients; as a rule of thumb, a hearty protein like chicken, beef, or salmon should always be the #1 ingredient in your dog food. Foods that don’t contain too much grain or other superfluous ingredients will fill up your dog more quickly while allowing you to dole our smaller portions. In fact, most pet owners discover upon switching to high-quality dog food that they’re actually spending the exact same amount of money on food that they used to; the smaller portion sizes means a single bag of dog food stretches for a longer period of time!

We also love using the DogMaze as a treat-dispensing system. Help a bored pup stay busy by putting a few treats, like some Purina Light Snackers, into the bowl and then let your dog go to town. Having them work out little tasks like this is one of the best ways to keep dogs mentally stimulated. The bowl can also be highly effective in the battle against separation anxiety; put some of your dog’s favorite treats in the dish as you’re heading out the door, and he’ll be so busy trying to get to his treats, he’ll barely even notice that you left. Here’s a quick tip: the bigger the treat is in size, the more difficult the maze will be.

This one-size, dishwasher-safe product will work for any dog breeds. It works great both indoors and outdoors, but we’d personally recommend keeping it indoors; the product’s unique design means it’s quite a statement piece. Best and most importantly of all, dogs love it. But don’t take our word for it; watch this cute video of an adorable terrier named Chilli playing with her new favorite dog dish!

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