Friday, July 24, 2015

Atopica 25mg Product Spotlight

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a common skin allergy among dogs, second only to flea-allergy dermatitis. Eczema affects approximately 10% of dogs and is an inherited hypersensitivity to common allergens like pollen and dust. It typically shows up in dogs aged 1-3 years and often first appears in late summer or early fall when weed pollen is prevalent but, once established, can come at any time of the year as an allergic reaction to many things, both indoors and out.

Sometimes shortened to the name "atopy," atopic dermatitis is painfully irritating and must feel for a dog the way a severe case of poison ivy feels to humans. Soon, if not therapeutically relieved, an affected dog's entire existence revolves around "scratching the itch."

Atopica cyclosporine capsules are indicated for canine patients, four pounds in weight or more, suffering from canine eczema. While there is no cure for this disease, Atopica taken on a regular basis can alleviate the symptoms and relieve the painful itching, although it must be a continuing treatment to bring long term relief.


Initial treatment consists of a single daily dose, administered orally, given at the rate of 5 mg per kilogram of body weight. After a one-month period of daily doses, treatment times may be tapered to every other day, then two times per week, until a minimum frequency is found that still provides desired results. The product package featured on this page contains 15 capsules, 25 mg each. Atopica is also available in 10 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg capsules.


This product is contraindicated for patients suffering from malignant neoplasia. Its safety has not been established in dogs weighing less than four pounds or six months of age or less. It is not for use in pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs. Typically, few, if any, side effects are experienced when using Atopica, although occasional gastrointestinal problems can show up during the initial dosing. This may present as vomiting or diarrhea but often goes away as treatment continues. Sometimes, small changes in the dosing regimen will solve an adverse reaction. Gingival hyperplasia may also occur during this time.

Brought to market by highly respected animal health industry leader Novartis, Atopica is only sold to licensed veterinarians and licensed pharmacies. It is for animal use only, and not for use on humans.

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