Friday, July 24, 2015

Vetmedin 2.5mg Chewable Tablets Reviewed

Vetmedin, for veterinary use only, is for treatment of dogs showing clinical evidence of congestive heart failure (CHF) as a result of atrioventricular valvular insufficiency (AVVI) or DCM, dilated cardiomyopathy. Its sale is regulated and is only available to licensed veterinarians and pharmacies.

These beef-flavored, chewable tablets contain 2.5 mg of pimobendan each and are given in twice daily doses as an adjunct to conventional CHF therapy such as the administration of furosemide. Dosages are determined by the individual dog's weight, at a rate of 0.5 mg per kilogram of body weight, utilizing as many of the 2.5 mg tablets as needed. Total daily dosage is divided into two and administered at approximately 12 hours intervals. The two daily dosage portions need not be exactly equal. Tablets are scored for easy halving and total daily dosages should come close to the amount recommended, within a half tablet (1.25 mg) range.

Vetmedin stimulates the heart to pump more effectively and efficiently by dilating the blood vessels coming into and leaving it, thus reducing pressure, increasing blood flow and decreasing the amount of work required for the heart to pump. This medication has been clinically proven to improve both the quality of life and the expected longevity of dogs receiving treatment. Vetmedin is administered orally and has been shown effective when used on animals displaying signs of mild, moderate or severe CHF.

Since there is no cure for CHF and, as a slowly progressive disease that increases with age, therapeutic intervention such as the administration of Vetmedin is designed to improve symptoms and prolong life.


Vetmedin should not be used in cases where augmenting the patient's heart output is not appropriate. This includes dogs suffering from aortic stenosis or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This medication is for animal use only and not for use on humans.

The medication's safety has not been established for dogs displaying signs of asymptomatic heart problems or for those suffering heart failure due to causes other than AVVI or DCM. Safety has also not been evaluated in dogs six months of age or younger, in dogs born with congenital heart problems, those suffering from diabetes mellitus, breeding dogs or females that are lactating or pregnant.

This quality product is offered by respected industry leader Boehringer Ingelheim.

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