Friday, July 24, 2015

Drontal Plus 22.7mg for Dogs 2 - 25 lbs

Veterinarians treating dogs for any number of intestinal parasites including tapeworms, hookworms, caninum, ascarids, whipworms and more will find great efficacy in this Bayer Healthcare Animal Health product called Drontal Plus. This broad-spectrum anthelmintic is capable of expelling a range of canine intestinal parasites as a result of its special combination of three active ingredients, including:

· Praziquantel
· Pyrantel Pamoate
· Febantel

These three ingredients have been shown in laboratory trials to each act independently of the others and with no cross-interference. By using this drug combination formulation, a wide spectrum of intestinal parasites in dogs can be treated. Drontal Plus comes in three strengths, and tablets are scored to make half-tablet dosages easy. Dosage strength is determined by the animal's size, following these guidelines:

· Small dogs – 2-25 pounds
· Medium dogs – 26-60 pounds
· Large dogs – 45 pounds or more

Detailed instructions explain exact dosages for specific weights. In many cases, one treatment may be all that's needed. In some instances, however, re-treatment may be required if the source of the problem, such as flea infestation, is not removed. Drontal Plus is designed to be administered orally, either alone or with some small bit of food. Fasting before or after treatment is not recommended.

A full list of the specific parasites that Drontal Plus has been proven effective in removing or controlling include:

· Dipylidium caninum
· Taenia pisiformis
· Echinococcus granulosus
· Echinococcus multilocularis
· Ancylostoma caninum
· Uncinaria stenocephala
· Toxocara canis
· Toxascaris leonina
· Trichuris vulpis

Each of the three active ingredients contained in this medication works in a different way to effect treatment.

Praziquantel becomes absorbed into the liver and metabolized and then excreted into the bile being sent to the animal's digestive tract. This causes the parasite to now be digestible by the host, thereby eradicating the tapeworms to the degree that only small pieces may be visible in the dog's feces.

Pyrantel Pamoate works by causing spasms and paralysis to ascarids and hookworms, allowing for elimination via the intestinal tract.

Febantel is absorbed and metabolized and causes the metabolism of the parasite to become blocked, resulting in breakdown of the organism.

There are no stated contraindications other than not using this product on pregnant dogs or on puppies younger than three weeks or weighing less than two pounds. This medication is only sold to licensed veterinarians and pharmacies. It's only available to consumers through the use of a doctor's prescription. Bottles come with 50 tablets per container.

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